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Lavender Blends Essential Oils Variety Pack

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3 Bottles of .33 Fl oz, Bottles are 10 ML

  • LAVENDER LEMONGRASS: This soothing blend of essential oils works to promote relaxation, relieve body aches and fever, and has antibacterial properties that are not only optimal for fighting existing infection, but also in general wellness upkeep.

  • LAVENDER CHAMOMILE: Relax and unwind as this tranquil blend of lavender and chamomile permeates your space with its fragrant and peaceful presence. As lavender works to sooth and calm, chamomile provides relief from anxiety, aids in pain relief for conditions such as arthritis, and additionally promotes restful sleep. 

  • LAVENDER ROSE: This delightfully relaxing scent is a balanced blend of soothing lavender infused with the soft oralcy of spring roses. This powerful combination of aroma can help relieve pain, ease anxiety, and fight infection with antibacterial properties. 

    Store in a Light & Temp Controlled Room. A blend of 100% pure essential and natural oil.

Made in the USA

Pickup currently unavailable at Lavender Hills Beauty Studio

Lavender Blends Essential Oils Variety Pack - Lavender Hills BeautyBluZenBLU3-8LB

Lavender Blends Essential Oils Variety Pack

Lavender Hills Beauty Studio

Pickup currently unavailable

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