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YOUNIQUE DAILY·YOU liquid collagen shot

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Sip smart. Glow strong.

  • The 3 Ps
    • Premium: Sustainably sourced marine collagen that your body can easily absorb for a collagen boost.
    • Powerful: More power to YOU with 5,000 mg of concentrated collagen liquid in one daily shot.
    • Palate pleasing: A refreshing fruity taste in a grab-and-go sachet. With no mixing or fishy smell, it’s one of the best liquid collagen shots for those with picky palates.
  • Micro-absorption technology breaks the collagen down twice into potent, easily dissolvable peptides that your body can more rapidly and easily absorb, making it one of the best marine collagens for getting all the yummy collagen shot benefits you’ve been craving.

Sachet Fill Weight: 25 ml / 0.85 fl oz

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity and stretchiness. It’s in your bones, muscles, and blood. As you age, your existing collagen breaks down, and it gets harder for your body to produce more. To truly care for your skin, you need to start below the surface. That’s where Younique’s liquid collagen shot comes in!

YOUNIQUE DAILY·YOU liquid collagen shot nourishes your skin from the inside out. Our collagen is scientifically formulated with powerful marine collagen peptides and nutrilicious ingredients that work together to magnify the magnificence of you—inside and out.

So, what is marine collagen? It’s simply collagen that’s sourced from fish, rather than cows or plants. Marine collagen is closer to the collagen our bodies produce naturally, so your body will easily be able to put it to use! Plus, this allows us to focus on our goal of minimizing our environmental impact. 


Pickup currently unavailable at Lavender Hills Beauty Studio

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YOUNIQUE DAILY·YOU liquid collagen shot

30 Day Supply - 2 Boxes

Lavender Hills Beauty Studio

Pickup currently unavailable

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