American Crew Men's Regimen 3-in-1 & Fiber Cream Duo

American Crew Men's Regimen 3-in-1 & Fiber Cream Duo

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This Men's Fiber Duo Gift Set features two American Crew favorites, Fiber Cream and 3-in-1 Men's Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash.

American Crew Regimen 3-in-1 & Fiber Cream Duo features Fiber Cream that combines styling flexibility with control and 3-in-1 that cleanses and conditions hair and revitalizes the skin for an invigorating cleanse.


- 3-in-1 Original Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash (8.4 oz)

- Fiber Cream (3.3 oz)


- Infused with an invigorating cleansing agent- Stimulates the scalp and hair- Cleanses, conditions and detangles hair- Adds shine to hair- Remineralizes and softens skin - Fibrous cream with medium hold and natural shine - Provides flexibility with control

- Gives hair refined texture

- Imparts a smooth feel to the hair

- Leaves hair with long-lasting hold and style control



3-in-1: Apply generous amount over wet hair and body. Rinse well.

Fiber Cream: Apply liberally to damp hair or lightly to dry hair and style as desired. Let hair air dry naturally if applied to damp hair.