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Article: Virtual Christmas Bingo

Virtual Christmas Bingo - Lavender Hills Beauty

Virtual Christmas Bingo

Christmas Bingo

It's Free! It's Fun!

How to Play:

Get your card(s)

  • Thanksgiving Day (11/24/22) we will start drawing Bingo numbers, have your cards before then! (You may start playing at a later date.)
  • You can message us on either Facebook or Instagram to get your digital Bingo card, comment on a post, or if you are local to Canyonville stop by our store and pick up a printed Bingo card.
  • You can start playing at any time, just go back and look up the numbers called and what game we are currently playing on our social media.
  • Each player gets ONE card. (No purchase necessary to play.)
  • Receive a second Bingo card by sharing our Bingo post to your Facebook page or your Instagram Stories (make sure you tag us or let us know you shared).
  • Earn a third Bingo card by inviting/tagging 5 people on a Bingo post.


  • HOW TO SAVE: Simply save your bingo card to your devices photo gallery and use the mark up feature to X out numbers. And/or save the image and print it to your printer!

    We will play 5 Games

    • We will play a total of five different Bingo games (see below.) One type of bingo at a time.
    • Bingo Numbers may also be drawn during any social media LIVES. We will post the numbers in the comments of that particular LIVE.
    • We will announce the type of Bingo and post numbers until someone comments "Bingo"! in the comments on either Facebook or Instagram. We will then ask for their card number and verify we have a winner for that game before we move on to the next game.
    • Once a winner is verified continue playing the same card (s) for the subsequent games.
    • Players can win more than one time.

    All prizes can be picked up at our store, if you live more than 15 miles away we can mail them to you. Immediate family members of Lavender Hills Beauty are excluded from winning.

      Bingo Games/Prizes will be as follows:

      1st Game: Straight Line Bingo - can be any direction or diagonal

      Prize: FarmHouse Fresh Lip Basket, Plus a $15 Lavender Hills Beauty Gift Card

      2nd Game: Cross Bingo - has to be this configuration

      Prize: FarmHouse Facial Mask of your choice, Plus a $15 Lavender Hills Beauty Gift Card





      3rd Game: Christmas Tree Bingo - has to be this configuration

      Prize: FarmHouse Fresh Whoopie! Candle, Plus a $15 Lavender Hills Beauty Gift Card







      4th Game - Four Corners Bingo

      Prize: FarmHouse Fresh Front Porch Punch soap & Hand Lotion, Plus a $15 Lavender Hills Beauty Gift Card







      5th Game - Blackout Bingo

      Prize: $100 Lavender Hills Beauty Gift Card










        I would like a Bingo card

        Angela Lavender

        I would like a Bingo card please

        Dana Cheatham

        I’d like a bingo card please

        Donita walker

        Need a Bingo card please


        I love yelling BINGO

        Wendy Yager

        I would love a bingo card please! Sounds so fun!!

        Melissa Sharp

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